Sunday, March 25, 2012

Spring Break

Spring Break - it used to mean basking in the sun at the beach, feeling the cool wet sand between my toes, and coming home with an AWESOME tan...those days are no more. Although I no longer get the UV rays I so desperately crave while tasting the salty air, I now have a new appreciation and love for the new form SB has taken on.

This week...I have been able to catch up on some cleaning (which really makes me happy), I read all three books of The Hunger Games trilogy (SOOOOO GOOD), did some shopping, went to the movies, had dinner with good friends, worked outside, and have had a blast hanging out (playing games, grilling, Mario Kart, snacking...) with my family (I am so glad that my brothers were able to come down and visit).

I was so thrilled when we started working on the garden, because now I have my roses that I have been wanting for so long. We planted four rose boxes to outline the outside of the front of the garden.

We worked on Lil' Man's outside play area this week looks SO MUCH BETTER!


A perfect day for sitting and relaxing at his new picnic table from Grandpa and Grandma Williams 
Nice area to eat and then play with his sand/water table

I think he likes his new outdoor space

 My family and I are hanging out at Eischen's Bar...fried chicken and fried okra...very heart healthy, right???

...but it is okay, because now we are eating ice cream at Freddy's...

Now at Freddy's Frozen Custard 
Freddy's Ice Cream for dessert

No ice cream here...just sleeping

So, needless to say...what a fantastic week.

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