Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Location, Location, Location

Just as when you are looking for the perfect home, when you are getting ready to build your garden "location matters". Here are a few tips to help when deciding where to put your vegetation sensation.

What to look for:

* Leveled ground. A slight slope does not make a huge difference, you just do not want "A River Runs Through It" to be the theme of your garden.

* Drainage. You want to make sure that after you water your garden (or after a good soaker) there will be no puddling occurring.

* You want some good ole' vitamin D to be coming in...that's right...SUN. Make sure that your garden will get the appropriate amount of would like "full sun" throughout the day.

* Water Access. It is important, for you just as much as the garden, to have it near your water source. You will be out watering it everyday, make it easy on yourself.


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