Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Heavens Declare...

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This verse was our CC memory work for science last week. (Which was a welcome relief from the periodic table. *shudder*)

Every day we would take a moment to go outside just to marvel at the handiwork of God. We would discuss how God's glory was being declared by what we were seeing in the sky. God's glory. 

I love how Lil' Man's tutor explained it to the kids, "The glory of God is His goodness and greatness". 

Although we enjoyed some pretty awesome night skies and there were some really great scenes in the sky during the afternoon, the sunsets were definitely our favorite.  All the beautiful colors of His artistic hand. Simply breathtaking.

Lil' Man definitely is an appreciator of the arts. He loves to draw, paint and color. He also loves learning about different artists and their styles of painting. I was surprised at how much he paid attention during the art portion of CC. He thoroughly enjoyed learning about a specific artist each week. 

I felt like the connection to convey the verse we were discussing for the week with what he understood and enjoys was perfect. One day, I commented on how the sky looked like a beautiful painting. He looked up at it for awhile and then turned to me and said that, "It is like Claude Monet, but better, because it is God".

God's glory is declared all around us. Be purposeful to pause and observe the declaration of His goodness and greatness. Last week, all we had to do was look up at the sky to be reminded.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Pressing On: Week 4 C25K

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This, my friends, happened.

I didn't even cheat on the time spent for the jogging portion. 

Most people may snicker when seeing this. But people, listen. My lungs have the air capacity as that of a mouse. Seriously. The hardest part of running for me is the breathing. It is physically painful.

I was so thrilled that I actually completed the whole workout for today. That never happens. I have been very wish-washy in the use of my C25K app.

Today though, even my goats and chickens were cheering me on.

These three sat here and watched me the entire time.

Galina even tried to run beside me (or from me) at one point.

The goats ran and did some crazy little jigs everytime I circled their area.

I love my little cheering section. 

My favorite part of the run, was the last 5 minutes. I soooo wanted to cheat and make those 5 minutes quickly turn to 1 minute on my app. As a last minute push to get through the end of my run, I pulled up my iTunes playlist. 

I really need to get some running songs. I was in the same situation I wrote about last time. I decided to roll with it. 

I turned Lauren Daigle's "How Can It Be" up and pushed myself through those last 5 minutes. I ran. It hurt, but I ran. 

And just before the point of death...

 I dragged my weary body to my husband and said "I did it! I actually ran for 16 (albeit, non-consecutive) minutes!". Y'all, that is the most my body has ran in many moons. 

Friday, March 27, 2015

Friday Favorites

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1. I have a new hair product that I am absolutely crazy about. 

I bought it for Miss Priss and those wild and crazy curls she so appropriately sports. I love how it keeps her curly 
locks soft and manageable without doing them any damage or taking away from their natural beauty.

2. I love this sweet little guy. His smiley face in the midst of a day that was...a little maddening was just the relief I needed. 

3. These make me so happy.

I don't know what they put on these pads. I do know, that they make my life so much easier and my bathroom so much brighter.

4. This week, Zyrtec definitely climbs to the top of my favorites. Yes, it most definitely is a favorite of mine this week. My eyes are no longer looking all red and puffy, my nose isn't constantly sniffling, and I am no longer sneezing a million times a minute. What a relief!

5. Date night. Nothing says date night more than dinner and a home. Johnny Carino's to go, a rented movie on the Roku and all the kids in their beds for the night makes for a perfect little "night in" for me and the hubs. I love that Carino's offers their yumminess curbside.

Well, there you have it. My top five Friday Favorites. 


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