Monday, March 2, 2015

Brothy Business

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Over the weekend we had ourselves a little bit of winter weather, which pretty much meant that I would only be going outdoors when necessary. I would go outside in the morning to feed and take care of my animals...and that was about the extent of my outdoor time.

So, that left me to find things indoors to do. There was something I have been wanting to make for quite awhile and just never found the time to get it done. This weekend...I finally did it.

Well, I did it...with the help my sweet friend. Bless her. I sent quite a few texts to her over the weekend asking for help and directions. Also, a gross picture or two. She was totally awesome at helping me make...for the first time ever...bone broth.

Many will read this and think, it is not that hard. Seriously, not that hard.

You don't know me. I can make anything that is new to me difficult. I worry too much about messing things up.

So, again, my sweet friend

It is crazy to me that this:

I know...totally gross

Can turn to this (after cooking for 36 hours in the crockpot):

Ultimately, looking like this:

I'm so excited about having my own homemade bone broth to use as a soup base, to make rice, or just to sip on from a hot mug when feeling sick.

There are so many health benefits from bone broth. The more I researched it, the more amazed I was by all its benefits. should look into it if you haven't already, its pretty awesome.

If nothing is basically a free way to make your own broth for using when cooking instead of buying the store bought stuff. Better product + saving some $ = win, win. Oh yeah, and it was so EASY!

So go ahead, I know you are inspired now, go make your own bone broth today! 

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