Friday, March 27, 2015

Friday Favorites

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1. I have a new hair product that I am absolutely crazy about. 

I bought it for Miss Priss and those wild and crazy curls she so appropriately sports. I love how it keeps her curly 
locks soft and manageable without doing them any damage or taking away from their natural beauty.

2. I love this sweet little guy. His smiley face in the midst of a day that was...a little maddening was just the relief I needed. 

3. These make me so happy.

I don't know what they put on these pads. I do know, that they make my life so much easier and my bathroom so much brighter.

4. This week, Zyrtec definitely climbs to the top of my favorites. Yes, it most definitely is a favorite of mine this week. My eyes are no longer looking all red and puffy, my nose isn't constantly sniffling, and I am no longer sneezing a million times a minute. What a relief!

5. Date night. Nothing says date night more than dinner and a home. Johnny Carino's to go, a rented movie on the Roku and all the kids in their beds for the night makes for a perfect little "night in" for me and the hubs. I love that Carino's offers their yumminess curbside.

Well, there you have it. My top five Friday Favorites. 

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