Sunday, March 15, 2015

Late Night Blues

1:40 in the morning. Wish I was asleep. Really wish I was asleep.

The kiddos and I are spending the week down at my parents house with my sister and her kids, my brother, his wife and daughter, and also my youngest brother. A fun (semi) relaxing week is what I was expecting.

Currently, however,  I find myself lying on a pullout sofa, listening to the sound of a train going by and feeling the rhythmic breathing of my sweet little girl asleep next to me. 

Waiting. Waiting for that moment when I need to quickly grab the small trash can that is positioned at the head of my little sofa bed. Miss Priss has not had the best of evenings. 

I am hoping this evening is not a foreshadowing of how our spring break is going to play out. 

I am hoping that the 6 times my sweet girl had needed to make use of that trash can is a direct result of something she ate and not because of a stomach virus. 

I am hoping that the other 5 children that are under the same roof this week will remain perfectly healthy.

I am hoping that the 7 adults that will be occupying space with said children will also stay healthy.


An evening that was entirely dedicated to planning a spur of the moment day trip to Branson has been completely undone by this unfortunate event.

*double sigh*

However, I am thankful for the many helping hands that are here to so willingly assist me during this unfortunate event. Seriously. I am so very grateful for all of them and their willingness to forego all that is clean and sanitary to help my little girl feel safe and comfortable during this time. 

So, as I lie here listening to the tick-tock sound of a clock, jumping up for the trash can at any and every movement my daughter makes and bemoaning the shattered opportunity to go to Branson...I will do my best to be content and thankful. 

Counting sheep is not, in any way, part of my current circumstance. So, I may as well count my blessings instead. Goodnight, y'all.

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