Tuesday, December 27, 2011

70 in a 55

Not one of my proudest moments...that speeding ticket would have HURT. What else was I to do? When I got the phone call..."I think my water broke" from my sister all I could think about was getting to her, especially since she was by herself. Her husband was at work and I was just finishing up breakfast. (My left-over breakfast casserole) I quickly got out of my (very comfy) pj's and put on my jeans and slipped on a comfy shirt. NO TIME FOR MAKE-UP OR FIXING MY HAIR. This did not bode well with me, but I quickly put it out of my mind and headed out the door with Lil' Man in tow. (Thankfully Lance was able to get Lil' Man ready) 

Then began the waiting...

                                                   Might as well take some pics!

After waiting and eating, waiting and talking, waiting and eating some more, and of course, M finally made his arrival. 
One of my favorite pictures.

He is so precious. All that waiting was well worth it when I finally got to hold him. 

                                             Lil' Man loves him too

After hugging and saying goodnight (and a quick Arby's run for the new parents) it was time for us to go home. What a beautiful wonderful day it had been!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Lil' Man's 2nd Birthday Party

To celebrate my little train conductor's (as trains are his new thing) 2nd birthday my husband and I decided to put together a Thomas the Train themed party. It really was an absolute blast to plan and get ready for. Our party was simple but FUN. If anyone is looking for some really cute ideas for a Thomas the Train party, my husband would be the one to ask. He made just about every decoration/game for the party. Here are some of great ideas you may want to use when planning your next train party!

The Place: Oklahoma Railway Museum  We rented out a caboose that was on a "dead track". This was really cute and, of course, it went with our theme!

The Food: Since the party was right between lunch and dinner and it was only for a couple of hours, we decided to do cupcakes and cookies. The sugar cookies we made ourselves, using my MIL recipe. We bought a train cookie cutter at Michaels and then used her icing recipe to glaze the cookies. We added blue and red food coloring to make blue trains and red trains. VERY CUTE.

                                   Sugar Cookie Recipe:
                              1/2 c. margarine      1 c. sugar       1 egg       2c. flour, sifted
                                        1.2 tsp. salt              2 tsp. baking powder    1/2 tsp. vanilla

Cream together margarine and sugar until fluffy. Blend in egg. Sift together the flour, salt, and baking powder. Add dry mix to the preceding ingredients. Blend in vanilla.  Bake on ungreased  sheet at 350° for about 9 minutes. 

                     3/4 c. sifted powdered sugar       3to 4 tsp. water        Drop or two of desired food coloring   

The cupcakes were the best cupcakes I have ever had...seriously. I ordered them from Sugar N' Spice.   

The Decorations: This is where the talent of my husband came in handy. I decided I would like to have a "food train" to be the that is what I got. L used cardboard boxes and butcher paper to make the cutest train for our centerpiece. We used a green tablecloth for "grass" and black electrical tape to make a train track. Some of the boxes were turned upside down to hold the cupcakes and the other ones were lined with white tissue paper and filled with the sugar train cookies.

This isn't the best view of the train because of the sunlight and the time stamp, but you get the idea. 

The Games:  We played Pin the Nose on Thomas, had a bean bag toss, and of course...a piñata! Again, some cardboard boxes and butcher paper go a long way!

The bean bag toss. We used it for carrying things back to the car afterwards.

Pin The Nose on Thomas.
The Piñata (from Party Galaxy) 

The party was fun. The food was good. The setup was exactly what I wanted for my little man.


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