Tuesday, December 27, 2011

70 in a 55

Not one of my proudest moments...that speeding ticket would have HURT. What else was I to do? When I got the phone call..."I think my water broke" from my sister all I could think about was getting to her, especially since she was by herself. Her husband was at work and I was just finishing up breakfast. (My left-over breakfast casserole) I quickly got out of my (very comfy) pj's and put on my jeans and slipped on a comfy shirt. NO TIME FOR MAKE-UP OR FIXING MY HAIR. This did not bode well with me, but I quickly put it out of my mind and headed out the door with Lil' Man in tow. (Thankfully Lance was able to get Lil' Man ready) 

Then began the waiting...

                                                   Might as well take some pics!

After waiting and eating, waiting and talking, waiting and eating some more, and of course, M finally made his arrival. 
One of my favorite pictures.

He is so precious. All that waiting was well worth it when I finally got to hold him. 

                                             Lil' Man loves him too

After hugging and saying goodnight (and a quick Arby's run for the new parents) it was time for us to go home. What a beautiful wonderful day it had been!

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