Wednesday, March 28, 2012

One Word...

One word. Use this word once and clarification is yours, sense is made, and you are no longer left in a state of wonder. Now, this same word that sheds light on everything can also be the word that you wish you never heard. I teach first grade...I hear this word often. It usually brings me great joy to hear (although there are moments when it has been used against me), because it means inquisitive minds are at work.

Here is a recap of some of my conversations with my son within a 3 hour span (bear with me) -

While shopping at the store
Me -"You need some new shorts."
Lil' Man - "Why need shorts?"
Me - "Because, you are a growing boy."
Lil' Man - "Why?"
Me - "Well, because you are getting taller and stronger."
Lil' Man - "Ohhh....(wait for it)...why?"
Me - " you like these shorts?"
Lil' Man - "I LIKE these shorts!" (whew...)

At another store...he tries hiding in the clothes  rack
Me - "You need to follow directions."
Lil' Man - "Why?"
Me - "Because, you need to be safe. Mama is keeping you safe."
Lil' Man- "Safe, why?"
Me - "Because I love you"
Lil' Man - (big smile) "Love you too, Mama"

Driving in the car
Lil' Man - "Mama, where's dada?"
Me -  "Daddy's at work."
Lil' Man -"Why?"
Me - "When people grow up they go to work."
Lil' Man  - "Oh. Mama...why go to work?"
Me - "People go to work for a lot of reasons."
Lil' Man - "Why?"
Me - "I love you."

At home getting ready for bed
Me - "We need to brush your teeth"
Lil' Man - "Why?"
Me - "Your teeth are dirty"
Lil' Man - "Why teeth dirty?"
Me -"After we eat, the food gets on our teeth and makes them dirty"
Lil' Man - "Eww...Why?"
Me - "What does a dinosaur say?"
Lil' Man - "RAAARRR"

This one word..."why" coming up more and more in conversation with my son. I love that he is thinking and processing the world around him, BUT THERE IS ONLY SO MUCH WHY I CAN TAKE. Thank God he is so stinkin' cute...because I can't help but love even the most incessant use of a single word at one time when it comes from him.

He is so silly...

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