Wednesday, March 21, 2012

"Dirt"y Talk

manure...topsoil...compost....fertilizer...oh, wait...not what you were expecting.

That time of the year is here, yet again, my friends. Garden planning has arrived. For those looking to begin for the first time hopefully you will glean a little information on "how to get started".

Today's Key Topic: Soil Preparation 

Raised Bed Garden
Once you have decided where your garden will be, remember to have a place that has adequate drainage. You will want to "desod" (kill) the existing grass. You can scrape it with a squared off shovel, till the ground, or cover the grass with black plastic to kill it.

Now, bring in top soil. It is highly recommended to purchase soil from a garden center with top quality soil. Your local Ag center is a good resource. This eliminates soil that is too thick with clay; You want the soil to be loamy (The soil should not be clumpy or too sandy). You will want enough to fill it 1-2 inches from the top. If you purchase good quality soil, you reduce the need for supplementation. 
 *If you do need to supplement your soil, take a sample of your soil to your local Ag center to see what would be lacking.

Non-Raised Bed Garden
Again, decide where you will have your bed located (remember, adequate drainage). Once decided...till the ground. There should be no grass or weeds. Have your soil checked if possible and make sure it is loamy.  You can augment it with potassium, mushroom, compost,or dried leaves. If you choose to use any kind of manure, make sure it is completely dried.

You are now ready to begin planting!

Here are some additional resources to check out:

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