Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Gardening Thyme - Strawberry Containers

The gardening tip of week - using strawberry (or blueberry) containers to start your seedlings. My mom and I were slicing up container after container of strawberries one night and I went to throw a whole stack of them away. Unbeknownst to me, my mother had other plans. Apparently, these little containers are perfect for making  teeny "greenhouses". Here is what I did...per my mom's instructions.

This is what I used: one container, pack of cilantro seeds, newspaper, seed starting mix

1.  Line the container with newspaper. I doubled up a layer of newspaper. Like so...
I do not know why I can't get the picture to turn

2. Put in some potting soil...about half way.

3. Add seeds. I did two rows, one seed every inch or so. (about 6 seeds) Cover up with more potting soil.

4. Water and close lid. Place in a warm dark spot. This will help seeds germinate. Once they have germinated and begin to sprout you can place them where they will get some sun. 

Happy planting everyone. Look for next Wednesdays' gardening post. There will be more gardening tips...from the expert herself, my mom. (She is seriously the garden GURU)

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