Sunday, February 5, 2012

An Apple A Day...

Honey Crisp Apple

My FAVORITE apple, Honey Crisp, is one of my favorite breakfasts, mid-afternoon  snacks and now was part of a favorite dessert. For my Super Bowl dish, I decided to make an Apple Upside-Down Spice Cake...and of course, I used Honey Crisp apples. 

Upside-Down Apple Spice Cake:

* 2 large apples
* 1/2 cup butter
* 2/3 cup brown sugar
* Spice Cake mix (water, egg, oil according to your cake mix box)
* 1 banana

* Heat oven to 350°F
* Melt butter and mix in brown sugar
* Pour butter and brown sugar into bottom of bundt cake pan
* Chop up apples and sprinkle on top of butter/brown sugar.
* Mix cake as directed
* Mash up one banana and mix in with cake batter
* Pour batter into bundt pan
* Bake for 40 minutes
* Loosen sides with a knife and turn upside down on a platter
* Enjoy

This is such a MOIST and DELICIOUS cake. Served with a chilled glass of milk or nice cup of hot coffee would equal perfection. 

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