Tuesday, July 24, 2012

What's Going On...

Well, my summer life has slowly shifted back to normal again. I have spent the last couple of days accomplishing some things, yet remembering to also take it easy...since summer is almost over.
Some of the things I have accomplished:
* I stocked up on shampoo and conditioner for the next year/year and a half. Beauty Brands is having their annual liter sale...Woo-Hoo! Thanks, Amber for introducing me to this awesome sale. Since we both had the same strategy of picking out shampoos and conditioners...I bet we bought some of the same ones.

Did we?

* I also was able to go to my old classroom and my new-but-now-won't-be-using classroom and packed up some of my stuff. It was so sad to be taking my stuff out of Western Oaks Elementary (WOE). This is a school where I started out as a student teacher and moved onto being a 1st grade teacher for 7 years. It will always be home. The people that work there will never be just "coworkers"; they will always be considered as great WOE family. I will have to address more about this in a later post. I'm getting teary-eyed and it is hard to see my screen.
* I attended my sewing class last night. My pajama pants are starting to actually look like pants. I have to say, I am impressed. I am going to miss my weekly sewing class...only two more sessions left.
* Today, I started back on my digital scrapbooking. I successfully made it through April and May...of 2011. (Here is where I probably shouldn't mention that I only have a month done of 2010...Lil Man's first year of life.)
Yeah...I'm a wee behind
* I made a pretty good dinner tonight. Tequila Lime Chicken, tostadas, and a banana, chocolate chip, chocolate cake.
* Ohh yeah...did more research/ refreshed my memory on CCSS ( Common Core State Standards) as I prepare for a training on Thursday morning.
Some of the things I did to relax:
* Read a little of my book
* Watched a little Law and Order SVU.
Is it embarrassing to admit I looked up information on getting a criminal justice degree and requirements for being a detective? Is it even more humiliating to admit that I have done this every summer for the past 3 years when I watch my SVU marathons on USA?
* Perused through Facebook for awhile
* Did a little FaceTime with my mom. Actually, Lil' Man FaceTimed her...I heard her voice and looked over to see Lil' Man talking to her. How he knows to do that...I really couldn't tell you.
* Spent some time hanging out/gossiping with my sister (This is where I know my mom is shaking her head at us. I will get a phone call/lecture tomorrow).
* Enjoyed playing with my little nephew...loved seeing him being able to start crawling!
* Played with Lil' Man. We built some pretty cool things with his Mega Blocks...I decided I need to get him some Lincoln Logs, possibly for Christmas. I also CANNOT wait for him to play with Legos. Those were my favorite to play with growing up.
All in all...a pretty good couple of days. My one complaint...this HEAT. So, until the next post. (which be expecting one about the Olympics...soooo excited)
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