Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Perfect Cookie

On the hunt for the "perfect" cookie, my sister stumbled upon this FANTASTIC recipe that, I believe, does indeed make the "perfect" cookie. Ever since she shared this website with me, I have made countless batches. (countless mainly because I became a little embarrassed of how often I was baking up these batches of cookies, so I stopped counting)
These cookies were an instant hit in the Williams' household. My personal reasoning for LOVING them - they are the perfect density. I hate cookies that are too dense or so light I feel like I am eating air. Also, I can literally taste the perfect blend of the ingredients. I usually overcompensate my cookies with chocolate chips...with this batch, I do not have to do that.
I highly recommend visiting and making these cookies!

Today, Lil' Man and I had some fun baking cookies. I love baking/cooking with him. It is so fun and I hope he will look back on these memories like I do of when I was little and working in the kitchen with my great grandma. Our conversations today were a little sporadic...from me explaining what I was doing and showing him the various ingredients to him asking why he had to use a big boy potty and how much he liked fireworks. I loved it. The teacher in me also was very happy, he counted out groups of 3 with the chocolate chips, identified and pushed the numbers on the microwave that I needed him to when I was melting the butter and we described how the cookie dough tasted...he came up with "yummy" and "good". :) 

The Progression of "The Perfect Cookie"...

Mixing the ingredients (while listening to Pandora)
We LOVE chocolate
Time to add the chocolate chips
He is such a good helper
Everyone deserves a little taste...
Admiring his masterpiece

Enjoying "The Perfect Cookie"

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