Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Stitch In Time

July and stormy. Yes, it is July 10th and it is COOL in Oklahoma. A strong storm moved in and it dropped the temperature GREATLY. I love a good summer storm. The sound of the thunder and rain are so relaxing. When the weather is like this, my favorite thing to do is snuggle up with a good book. I am currently reading a pretty good little murder mystery - Dying to Kill.  I was about to continue to my next chapter, but then I decided to finish up a little project I started yesterday. This fun little project would be making a pillow for my sweet little 2 year old. Yes, it is a sewing project. Now that you have recovered from  the shock of hearing the words "sewing project" coming from me, sit back and I will tell you how that came to be.

Sewing, the only thing I knew how to do with sewing was thread a needle by hand and hand-stitch up a loose strap in a dress or fix a loose button (I did not do either of these well). So, you can imagine my trepidation about enrolling in a sewing class. My friend, Angela, called me and wanted to know if I was interested in doing this sewing class with her...despite my better judgement, I did it. I enrolled in a sewing class.

First day of class: We did a lot of listening...a LOT. I quickly began drawing parallels from my experience sitting there in my sewing class to a school classroom setting where I was the teacher. I think it is important for all teachers to experience this. I sat and listened to her talk about a "bobbin" for 10 minutes. I tried to listen and understand what was being major problem, I had NO IDEA what a bobbin was. I was lost and so not engaged.

Now listen to this...she stopped talking and showed me what a "bobbin" was and then I was handling it and working with it. I finally started to learn something. My tier 3 word quickly became her tier 1 word. I was able to understand what she was saying about making it look like a "p" to place it in the sewing machine. Why was it all making sense? Why was I learning? I was playing a part in my learning AND she was facilitating my learning experience. I was delighted that I actually learned something. From there...I made great strides in my sewing learning experience. (Okay...I am done with my spiel) :)

**I do have to mention...on my first day I DID get to sew something...finally...albeit it was just following a line on a piece of paper, I still felt accomplished.**

NOW...let me show you what I have been able to accomplish after 4 classes.

First Project: Cosmetic Bag


           Bottom of bag. Note the corners...COOL, huh?!?
Please notice...A ZIPPER! Yes, I did that too!

Second Project: A Tote Bag

Yes...I even lined it.

You can barely tell, but there is a front pocket.

Third Project: Pajama Pants

Pics soon to come...learning how to cut out the pattern this week.

My Solo Projects
I have absolutely enjoyed sewing. I am sooo glad Angela asked me to do this class with her. I have enjoyed sewing so much and am feeling (slightly) I decided to attempt some projects on my own..outside of class. I was a bit nervous at first...mainly, because in class if I have a question or a problem I quickly have one of my instructors there to run to my aid.

First Solo Project:

I started out at Wal-Mart (material was on sale) and then moved on to Hobby Lobby (love the weekly 40% off coupon).

My materials included:

* 3 yards of 100% cotton fabric
* Pinking shears
* Matching thread (all-purpose)
* Poly-fill stuffing
* Fabric Paint
* Sponge
* Stencil
* 2 yards of Fusible interface (heavyweight)
* Magnet sewing guide

What I did (this is just so you can see how my projects came to be, not sure if it is the "correct" way, but it got me there):

* Cut out (8) 18x18 squares from the fabric with pinking shears 
* Matched "right (front) sides" together 
* Pinned the edges of the material together
* Began sewing ( I sewed 1/2 inch seams all the way around)
* I left 3-4 inches of space unstitched (on one side only)
* I ironed one side of the material with interface (I cut 4 16x16 pieces of interface. I only put interface on one side of my material.)
* I reached in that 3-4 inch hole I left and pulled the fabric right side out
* My hubby placed the stencil in the center of the material (with interface backing) and sponge-painted the stencil onto the material
* After it dried...I stuffed the poly-fill into the 3-4 inch hole.
* I then hand-stitched the 3-4 inch opening. (pin the area closed and the hand-stitch it)
* And then....I had my own decorative pillows for my couch!

Second Solo Project:

I basically did the same thing as above, except that I cut out two 25x19 pieces of fabric instead of 18x18.
This time I left out the interface and stenciling. 

Front of pillow 
Back of pillow

I think he likes it!

Excuse the bed head :)

I know my projects aren't perfect...but for a first-timer...I am WAY excited about how they turned out. I am loving the "sewing experience"!


  1. I love what you've created! I wish I knew how to sew. What class are you taking? Maybe I'll talk Trisha into taking it. :-) I can only imagine what kind of "necessary" things I could make for school...and my house of course. :-)

    1. Thanks! I have really enjoyed learning how to sew. I am taking the class at B-Sew Inn off 240. It has been awesome! You and Trisha should totally do it....if Angela and I can, you two can!



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