Wednesday, July 25, 2012

On The Hunt

Yay! L was off today. We got up this morning and started working outside. Our yard was in MAJOR need of maintenance. Let me tell you. L changed the blade on the lawn mower (no, dad, it wasn't my fault this time) and I set off on mowing the yard. All I know, with almost 2 acres...thank goodness for my John Deere riding mower!
L pushed mowed the tight areas. Lil' Man helped. Yet another great thing about being on the riding mower...I can push the brake and stop to take a pic if I am so inclined. I'm sure that you can see Lil' Man got stuck mowing the grassiest area of all.

After I finished mowing, I went inside to make a grass/weed killing concoction I found on Pinterest. Going inside was nice. The relief from the oncoming heat was welcome. I saw myself in the mirror...yuck. I looked like I had been air brushed...but with red dirt. Anyway...the concoction. You can find it here -
Natural Grass/Weed Killer

After more outside work...we decided it was time to go inside and get cleaned up. We needed to go to town and get some measurements for a loft bed Lance is going to build. Don't worry, I'll keep you posted on that!

We then "treated" ourselves to one of our FAVORITE Chinese restaurants. Tai Pei. Now I say "treated" in quotations because going there will definitely not break the bank. It is a little hole in the wall that most people may be appalled by, but not us. We love it. Where else can we get two platters, two egg rolls, two cups of egg drop soup, 3 drinks, and an order of crab rangoon for only $16.50? Seriously, where can you get that?

We spent the rest of the day hitting up thrift stores, Goodwills, Salvation Armies, and what have you. I am on the hunt for a sewing table/desk. We are going to try and make a cute little sewing space in our living room. We will see. We had no luck finding anything today. Well, I will retract that. The first place we went had THE PERFECT DESK. We were both very disheartened to find the "sold" sticker on it upon further inspection.

After a long day of searching with nothing to show for it...we hit up Sonic. We all tried one of their new "island slushies"...have to admit, they were pretty good. We all enjoyed the fresh coolness of the islands in our drink. Well, we all did until Lil' Man poked a hole in his cup and all that "island goodness" was dripping all over my van. He was mad. I was having an anxiety attack. Lance continued driving.

Naturally, we had to pull over and clean what we could. I had, at one point, rolled down my window to let the drink spill outside. Great idea! Only, now the side of my van was sticky and messy. On to the car wash we went.
Someone is not a fan of car washes. In fact, here is a reaction from the automatic car wash entrance...we were just paying at this point. Not even near the actual "car wash zone"....but he knew what was coming.

Yes, I had to hold his hand.

If l let go of his hand....

So, I held his hand.

In case you forgot...
Without holding his hand...

Holding his hand...

It kind of reminded me of the scene in the movie Pure Luck (with Martin Short and Danny Glover) where they are at the jungle hospital and they keep showing the poor patient the picture of the girl. If you haven't seen the movie...go rent it. You won't be sorry you did. So FUNNY.

Well, I have an early day ahead of me tomorrow. I have to get myself out of bed, ready, and out the door by 7:00 a.m. :/ Y'all know...I am NOT a morning person!
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