Sunday, July 29, 2012

All Day Domestics...

Well, I guess I should say all day being domestic. Quite the domestic feat happened today. Laundry soap was made, dish detergent was made, AND I made Lil' Man a pair of pajama pants.
The best part about this day, all my accomplishments set aside, was getting to do this with my mom and my sister. We had a blast. I'm sure my poor mom is heading back home right now with a slight headache caused from my sister and I. :)
Mom helped Megan sew some curtains for her classroom. She also helped my sister and I sew pajama pants for our little guys and, might I add, they are matching pajamas. Yeah, very cute.

After our sewing, we gathered all of our ingredients to make our dish and laundry detergent. Meg and I both now have two containers of good homemade detergents. Dishwasher detergent on the left (white) and laundry soap on the right (pink).
Recipe for dishwasher detergent:
Dishwasher detergent

In between our projects for today, we all (my dad, mom, sister, nephew, brother-in-law, husband, son and I) went and ate at 5 Guys Burgers...mmm. Except that the jalapeƱos were a tad too spicy for me. I had to ditch
I am so glad my dad and mom decided to come up and visit. It was fun to see them and I am thrilled with what we accomplished today. Of course, Lil Man and M loved spending time with their Papi and Abuelita (tita, as Lil Man says).
Now, I am settled in watching some gymnastics and swimming going on at the Olympics. GREAT weekend.
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