Thursday, July 11, 2013

Cute, Easy, Homemade Skirts

In trying to find a cute baseball outfit for my 3 month old to wear to a Cardinals game we were going to, I stumbled across this blog that promised to show me how to make the "fastest skirt you'll ever make".

After searching and searching for an outfit... I finally gave up. Everything was too big, too expensive and/or too ugly. So I began contemplating making a skirt. Yes, initially, the thought terrified me. However, I reluctantly moved forward with this new idea. This is how, with the aid of Pinterest, I stumbled across the fast-skirt-making blog.

Here is the blog I found that has a tutorial on making these cute elastic skirts - Make It & Love it .

I am definitely still learning. I am having a hard time sewing all the fabric on the elastic waistband. I always seem to have a little over an inch leftover (which I just fold over and sew to make a pleat.)

These are fun and quick skirts to make (even for a novice like me). I definitely recommend checking out her blog and try to make one yourself. Here are the first two skirts I made:

The first skirt...

This one...I added some of my own "flair". I was at Hobby Lobby getting the material for her baseball skirt and ran across the bottom trim and the ribbon and decided to try and make a go of it with the skirt.

The beginning...

Finished product...

After completing these skirts, I was inspired to complete the outfit. So, using some of her plain white onesies, I simply sewed on some ric-rac (and added an iron-on appliqué on one) and was done.

I LOVE these "not-so-perfect" perfect outfits!

I think she agrees

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