Monday, January 23, 2012


So, I don't have much I am finishing up dinner. I do want to share this delightful meal we had last night. It is a MUST try.

The Main Course:  Chicken and Cheese Lasagna Roll-Ups (click to go to recipe on ivillage)

FYI - not my own picture

Side: Roasted Broccoli (This AMAZING recipe my friend found on Pinterest and made for us and I HAD to
                                     make it again)

FYI - again...not my own picture

Dessert (Prepare is very good):  Easy Banana Bread  (another Pinterest find)

I was thinking about what sounded good for dessert...yet I was TRYING to maintain a level of "healthyness". So instead of what really sounded good (see butterscotch/chocolate chip cookie below), I opted for a new recipe I had recently "pinned".

Instead of this

I am so glad I chose the new recipe! It was so DELISH!

I chose THIS

I urge you to add this to your menu in the very near will not regret it.

Happy Cooking!

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