Sunday, January 8, 2012

Craftsmanship...A Little of What My Husband Can Do

 I thought I would brag a little bit on my husband and post some of his handiwork. He really is so talented. All his work first starts as an idea in his head, then he sketches it out himself, and goes to work starting from scratch. His next project is building two bookshelves for our living room. (I will post pics)

                                        An Outdoor Bench
Extra fence panels??? Make a bench!

                                          Coffee Table
From an old becoming the top of a coffee table 

Perfect for storing things! Totes on one side full of toys and scrapbooks on the backside.

               A Bench For The Entry Way

From a bi-fold door

Side view

                      Shelf/Curtain Rod
What he can do with a few pieces of wood
If there is anyone interested in his work and would like more information on having him build you something, please leave a comment or email 

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