Tuesday, January 6, 2015

At It Again...

Nothing. Not one word. I did not write even one little blog post in 2014. I had almost forgotten I even had a blog, until tonight. I was lying in bed eating a chocolate chip cookie, watching Netflix, and scrolling through my Pinterest boards trying to find some new recipes. I happened across a pin that I pinned on my board quite some time ago, from my blog. I clicked on it and read my post, then I began to read more posts. I LOVE to write. I had forgotten, getting lost in the craziness of other things of life, I let it slip away. I'm not a great writer and I don't have an "audience/fan-base" that anxiously awaits for my newest blog post, but I love blogging just the same. I journaled as a child, as a teenager, and some in college. So, I guess it makes sense that I enjoy blogging.

So, here is to making a better effort to keeping up with my blog in 2015!

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