Saturday, January 17, 2015

A Winter Warm-Up

Today we enjoyed an unusually warm day in January. After the below freezing temps from the last couple weeks, today was more than welcome. We decided to take advantage of this warm day with a little day trip to the Wichita mountains.

Lil' Man was excited to go on this mountain adventure. He loved driving up Mt. Scott, where he "could see the whole world". Round and round the mountain we drove until we got to the very top.

So incredibly beautiful.

Unfortunately, the wind was quite monstrous up there, so, I stayed behind in the car with the two littles.

Lil' Man got to take a little hike with daddy, grandpa, and grandma to see more of the mountainous view.

I did get out of the van for a quick photo at the look-out point. Can you tell we are about to be BLOWN AWAY???

Having had enough of the wind, we ventured back down the mountain to visit The Holy City of the Wichitas. A place that is made to replicate Israel during Biblical times.

It was not as windy down there, so we all were able to get out and walk around.

Still, the wind was triumphant. We loaded up after a quick walk around the city to head toward a "wind free" zone. The visitor center.

A fun little place with some hands-on activities for the kiddos.

Such a fun little day trip that was going perfectly. Until now. The cute little guy in the picture above...well, he found this to be an opportune moment to explode through his diaper.

So, off to the "family restroom" I practically bathe my child and throw away a brand new onesie. The most awesome part? I finally get him all cleaned up and was reaching for the fresh new diaper to put on him, when...yes, you guessed it - there was more. Like yellow golden lava spewing from a volcano...with no diaper to catch it. I wanted to cry. I also may or may not have snapped at whoever kept banging on the bathroom door. Really, who keeps banging on a bathroom door when someone says, "just a moment"???

So, another wash down and new outfit later, we emerge. I apologized to the poor lady with her baby who walked in the bathroom after us. I hope her baby changing experience was less catastrophic as mine.

We ended our day at a place I have been wanting to try for a long time...
Meers Store and Restaurant, home of the "Best Burger in Oklahoma".

I was way too excited to eat this burger...which is one of the best burgers I have ever eaten.

What a fun little day.

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