Wednesday, August 28, 2013

What I Want You To Know...

As social networking sites have exploded with remarks, opinions, videos, etc concerning a certain "performance"...I was left with some thoughts, musings if you will. There really is so much one can say, but I will try and keep this short and sweet.

First, I am so out of the loop when it comes to "Hollywood Happenings". I rather keep up with people I know and care about then the people on the big screen or whose names are topping the Billboard's Top 40. After seeing post, after post, after post concerning a questionable performance by a certain ex-Disney star, I did, finally, take to Google.

My own thoughts about the performance are of no consequence, really. My opinion, like everyone else's, would fall in line with some people and be totally opposite of others. I would like to share my thoughts, though, about what struck me the most in all this, the young woman. The young woman who needed to hear 5 things as a young girl and let them become apart of her life into womanhood.

Now, this list of 5 things has not been "researched", it is not coming from "a professional opinion", and it will probably not be featured in the latest "O" magazine. This is simply a quick list I mentally drew up of what I want my daughter to know as a young girl, that would be part of her as a young woman, and stay with her forever.

1. Be a woman that passionately embraces God with no holds barred. I hope she can see the absolute beauty and fulfillment in such a love for her Savior.

2. No one, no thing, can or will complete you. I'm a hopeless romantic, so it seems odd to hear myself say that. A person can lose their self in trying to find that "completion". Being complete only comes when one surrenders their life to God and has asked Him to be the center of their life...being complete in Him.

3. Take pride in who you are and love the body you have...after all, "you are fearfully and wonderfully made". Comparing yourself to others and trying to be someone "different" is like a rose wishing to be a weed.

4. Cherish the man who calls you beautiful; question the one who says "you're hot". A man who is taken by your beauty is taken by you and all the things that make you, YOU. A man who is taken by your physical beauty, but has failed to see the beauty that is in your heart, mind, and soul will simply think you are "hot". He will not be worth another thought.

5. Your body does not need to be appraised, don't let it be succumbed to inspection. "Pride" and "prude" are not related...not synonymously, not antonymously (I may or may not have made that word up). Having pride in your body doesn't mean flaunting it about so it can be "graded" by means loving it, cherishing it, and guarding it.

Now, here, is where I would also like to insert something about not using social sites as a "Dear Diary,"...but by the time Miss Priss is even ALLOWED to have her own kind of "profile" will probably be an outdated form of entertainment that they had "back in the day" and my point will be moot.

I want my daughter to grow into a young woman that is looked on with respect and honor, rather than disdain and humiliation. A young woman who reflects the love of Jesus everyday. An easy task? No. A task worth striving for? Yes.

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