Friday, August 23, 2013

From Chickens to Cable...and a First Day of School.

Friday is here, another week completed. It was a big week in our household....worked on some things, started some things, and ended some things.

The week started out with a freshly mowed lawn. LOVE all the rain...but man, we have done a lot of mowing this year. Gertie and Gracie, our chickens, had a blast chasing all the bugs around after the grass was cut. Have you ever watched chickens chase a grasshopper??? Hilarious! just became a little more interesting around here. Lil' Man started Pre-K. What a fun week we have had! Rather than enrolling him in a half-day Pre-k program, I decided to use my early childhood expertise and teach him myself. Coming up with a "curriculum" to fit his needs was difficult...I had to combine 3 year old and 4 year old material along with some kindergarten stuff. It isn't perfect yet, but you learn as you go, right?
I can't believe he is old enough to even begin this process. I am cherishing this time being spent with him and being able to watch him learn and grow. Being a teacher, it was always one of my favorite things to see the little light bulbs come on in my students' minds. It was a great experience to facilitate and cause such learning to happen. It is an awesome experience to be able to experience it with my own child.

Here is a little of what we did during our first week of school:

Now, if starting school wasn't exciting enough, we decided to really shake it up by dropping our cable and phone. What???? you may be asking yourself. Yes, yes we did. We bought a good old antennae from, you guessed it...Walmart and picked up an Apple TV while we were at it. We now get all of our local channels...some weird digital channels...and can stream Stuff from our iPad to our tv through the Apple device. We first went with the Roku, but exchanged it the next day for the Apple TV. Although the Roku has more channels, we like being able to stream (via AirPlay) from our iPads to the television wirelessly. Being able to stream from the iPad to television provides us the opportunity to, current Duck Dynasty episodes from the A&E app on our iPad to our tv! Yes, don't worry folks we aren't missing anything important by "cutting the cable". So far, it is all working out great....and saving us a lot of money a month. We decided that money could be put to better use...that and it just seemed irresponsible to be spending that much money for something so insignificant.

The top pictures are of the antennae (that's "bunny ears"). The bottom one is the Apple TV.

The week comes to an end with my attempts at making some "fall-ish" outfits for little Miss Priss. Hopefully, it all comes out involves fabric dye. I'm a little nervous, I'll post later how it all comes out.

Happy Friday!

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