Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Tonight is the night. We have been waiting since February for this night to come. This is one of my favorite nights of the year.

Every year, I start this night out by making chili/Frito chili pie. Usually, I settle in for the evening with my bowl of chili and Lil' Man in his high chair by my side. Lance, unfortunately, has to work and does not get to be here to celebrate this night with us.

Tonight is different. Thanks to a great new schedule, my hubby gets to settle in on the couch with Lil' Man and I and enjoy a bowl of chili and watch the opening night of NFL football!

We are ready. Chili is made. Bowls are served. We are enjoying a little time together as we wait for 7:30 to arrive. It is football time, people. This household is EXCITED.

Another reason we are so excited about football season starting, is because of fantasy football. Yes. We love fantasy football. I have been a part of this fantasy football league since 2008 and I have loved every year of it! Thanks to Lance, Arick, and Anthony for letting me in on their league way back when!

7:27...time to go. Time for some football!!! GO COWBOYS!!!!!

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