Tuesday, September 4, 2012

"That" Kind of Tired...

Well, it has been awhile since I have posted anything on here. I would love to say it is "because I am so busy with work I just haven't had the time to blog", but that would not be the truth in its entirety. While yes, I have been busy with the start of school and a new position at work, my main cause of defeat when it comes to my writing is that I have been so very tired...yes, too tired to blog.

Like I said, work has kept me busy...but it has not been the sole cause of this mind and body draining fatigue I have been experiencing. This type of weariness can only be caused by one thing. You know what I am referring to...I am "that" kind of tired.

We shared the news with  Lil' Man by giving him this shirt...he was shocked (at first).

He quickly recovered and was very excited!

Just in case you can't read what the shirt says

So, here we are....our happy little family of three will soon become a happy little family of four. We are very excited for this new little blessing to join our lives. Lil Man cannot decide if he wants a brother or a sister. He changes his mind daily. All I know, this little one is going to be loved so much by his/her older brother.

So, yes, while I have been too tired to do much these is most definitely a good kind of tired that is WORTH EVERY MOMENT OF EXHAUSTION.

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