Friday, April 20, 2012

Laugh, Laugh, Laugh

Laughter. It can make the most daunting of tasks enjoyable. It turns a 20 minute run from "this is taking FOREVER!!!" to "where did the time go???". Your long 15 hour drive is hardly even noticed when laughter is present. It is a connection with a stranger; It is the bond between friends. Uncle Albert said it best -  "The more I laugh, the more I fill with glee and the more the glee... the more I'm a merrier me." (from Mary Poppins) 

Laughter has been present in my life since I was a young child. It was present at family dinners, game night around the table, it was amidst us as we played outside, and it was even apart of those late night conversations in the family room. Laughter, to me, has great memories. It was never to disrespect or embarrass, but to include and build closer relationships. 

As I think of the things that make me laugh, I cannot help but think of my dad. I love that man so much. He is everything a father should be and more. It was from him I learned to really appreciate a good laugh. It is because of his (what some would call "weird or odd") sense of humor that I developed the kind of humor I have today. Nothing necessarily needs to be said to always make me laugh. Often times, it can just be a simple facial expression that will tickle my funny bone. 

I grew up laughing at comedies from - Bugs Bunny, The Three Stooges (I have no intention of watching the new movie), Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis, Abbott and Costello, Chevy Chase, Martin Short,  etc. My dad would spend hours "editing" the already "edited for tv versions" for some of these movies so that we could watch them as a family. You can imagine my shock when I was older and I saw the real version of Stripes, with Bill Murray. It really lost some of its humor for me. I love that my dad help develop the kind of humor that doesn't need something to be crude, vulgar, or include many expletives in it to make me laugh. 

Some of my favorites - any three stooges short (preferably the ones with Curly), Africa Screams (Abbott and Costello), Scared Stiff (Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis), The Three Amigos, Pure Luck, Friends...these are the movies/shorts/shows I could watch over and over (and I have) and quote back to you...and yes, I will laugh every time. Even just talking about some of these reminds me a particular scene or line and makes me smile.

Here is a clip that makes me laugh every time.




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