Sunday, April 29, 2012

First Love

It has been said that one never forgets their first love. Some may argue this fact, I, however, cannot. I remember like it was yesterday. My first love...I knew he was "the one" the moment I first laid eyes on him. He was everything a woman could want in a man. He had the hair that was the envy of every man, a voice that made your heart skip a beat, piercing eyes that could see into your very soul, and no matter the situation, you would be safe because of him. Every girl needs a hero...he was mine. I spoke to my mom and dad of him often...I shared with them my dreams and plans for a future with him. I am sure they were thrilled to know that we were going to build a house next to them and live "happily ever after".

 My first love, he was the man that could get out of any situation with just a pocketknife and a string.  He went against the most powerful and cunningest of men...and won, because of his knowledge of chemistry, physics, and technology. His name can be found in many of my diary entries...I just knew we were meant to be...I mean we both shared a common fear of heights, what more of a sign did I need?

Unfortunately, our ways parted. The year was 1992, I remember like it was yesterday. The time came when I no longer could could turn on my TV and tune into ABC, for this was our standing date every week. My heart was broken. I had loved this man since I was 3 years old...6 years was all gone. Time heals all wounds, but the heart never forgets.

I write all this to say, that thanks to a couple of sources, I have once again been reunited with him, my love from long ago. It was awkward at first. Not sure I even wanted to go down that road again. I didn't want my perspective now to change the perfect perspective I had back then. Fortunately, even after all this time, nothing had changed. He is still just as handsome as he was back then, just as witty, intelligent, and his ability to make a weapon out of a piece of gum and duct tape still amazes me just as much as before.

Netflix, thank you...thank you...thank you. Thank you for bringing MacGyver to your instant streaming list. I have already streamed 3 episodes on my iPad...and I am loving every minute of it. Speaking of is time to get back to another episode. We have A LOT of catching up to do.
MacGyver, my first love.


  1. HA!! I was thinking you were writing about your husband.. and that maybe it was your anniversary! This is good though :)

    1. Haha Yes, my husband was reading through it and said "I wish you would write something like this about me." I told him as soon as he could do the things MacGyver could do....I would consider it. :)



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