Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Nursery...Ready and Waiting

We are 9 days away from the big day! I can't believe our new little addition to the family will be here soon. We have been busy getting everything ready for her arrival. Decorating a nursery for a little girl took awhile for us at first. We could not decide what we wanted to do...especially since we had already decided on a vintage sports decor if we had a little boy.
We decided to stick to the "vintage" feel and went with a shabby chic type look. Thanks to a few ideas from Pinterest and a few (quite a few) trips to Hobby Lobby, we finally have pieced together her nursery. Here is a peak at what we have done.

This is one of the first things I made for her room. I bought the wooden letters at Hobby Lobby, purchased some pink paint, bought the ribbon and curtain rod from Walmart, and the beads were Christmas garland that was on sale at Hobby Lobby(Thanks to my sweet hubby for cutting each bead off). I think I may have burned my fingerprints off entirely after finishing this project. Hot gluing that many beads is not fun...but when I saw the finished project I knew it was worth it.

Here is a  look at one of the letters.

Next, I knew I needed a bow board...mainly because my friend, Amber, said I would need one. :) So, of course, I headed to Hobby Lobby in search of a frame...and wouldn't you know, I found two of these unfinished frames on sale. I was fine with them being unfinished...I had a plan.

After grabbing a can of yellow spray paint from the paint aisle (and using the 40% online Hobby Lobby coupon), picking out some fabric that was on sale and some ribbon at Walmart, and cutting out some cardboard for a backing...this is what we created. My husband actually did the work for this one...I just hot-glued it together (I didn't see the point of both us burning off our fingerprints and mine were already gone from the previous project).

We were able to use the left over spray paint on one of our old lamps. I bought a cheap shade, some yellow flowers, and flower ribbon (not sure exactly what it is called) hot-glued it together...and ta-da...a new lamp!

Doesn't it, the lamp,look nice and quaint (I need to make a cord cover for it)

This is one of my favorite items in her room. I love this $1300 changing table from Pottery Barn that we got for $400 on Craigslist. The honey color wood did not match our decor at all...but no worries, my husband sanded it down and stained it to match the rest of what we had in the room. (There are a few pieces he is still finishing)

I also love the white baskets I found at Hobby Lobby...most of which I had to buy one day at a time. (You can only use the 40% coupon on one item a day...don't judge, I like to save money).

Here is something I am quite proud of...a blanket. Not just any blanket, but a blanket I MADE. Yes, with a sewing machine and thread. It isn't perfect, but I love it. I wanted her to have a lightweight blankie that she could use for a few years. (I probably should have ironed it before I posted a picture of it)

Now, here is something great. I can't claim this adorable piece (Well, I picked out the coordinating materials. Well, my husband and I picked out the materials).

Anyway, I saw these adorable rag quilts on Etsy. I thought to myself that a rag quilt would be PERFECT for her room. I browsed through the selections and found the one I wanted...for $180. Now don't get me wrong, I know that it is not a bad price for a really cute homemade quilt. BUT, I had another idea. I called my mom. I convinced her that she was more than capable of making a rag quilt, even though she had never made a blanket/quilt before. I had confidence in her. I purchased the material I wanted and sent it off to her mailbox.

Last week, she brought the finished product. I LOVE IT!

Here is a close up...

I decided to make some pillows to match the quilt. I was pretty proud of myself with these pillows. The experienced sewer may scoff at my handiwork...but for someone who couldn't even thread a machine a year ago, I am very pleased with my accomplishments.

Well, as I said. We have been very busy getting ready for our new little one... It has taken nearly every "spare" minute we have had...but it was worth it. We worked on a lot of these items late at night on the floor in the living room while watching some classy entertainment...Duck Dynasty. Seriously, how can you not love that show.

We love the way the nursery came out for our little girl. We now just need to wait patiently for her to get week!

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